I needed a new set of dishes. Thanks Tylenol3: Reuters article comment of the day

Reader comment on the story: More Americans use cannabis, seek treatment: UN drugs agency

Frankly I am perturbed at the Idea of the U.N. trying to tell American’s what we can and can’t do. First this so called study is a biased one; it’s done by drug traffickers themselves. Funny how this representative of the U.N. spoke about the Heroin Trade in Afghanistan, but didn’t mention one fact of The Banker Run U.S. Government, was Paying farmers in Afghanistan to grow the poppy, or had to pay reparations to the farmers for gutting their crops of POPPIES.

OR for the Matter of legalization of a crop that is designed to heal, feed, and clothe the world, not only that but, makes one hell of a viable energy source. This another slap in the face of humanity, in which the U.N. believes in their demented heads are helping, in all reality they’re hindering us.

I’m from Colorado, and let me tell you, the legalization of Cannabis has only helped.

-Violence is down 10% and trickling down. The Revenue alone in the sale of Cannabis has only helped the states of Washington and Colorado.

-Schools are being given the opportunity to succeed, when there was no opportunity.

-Community out reach programs are being funded, and thus being able to help in communities affairs.

-THE CANCER COMMUNITY IS BEING SAVED FROM CONTAMINATION OF RADATION AND PURE POSION, not mention the survival rate of cancer patients has increased drastically.

-People with depression are given the opportunity to feel every facet of life, and not being poison by some kind of psychotropic drug.

-For the people that can’t eat, because of some unknown reason (mostly due to medication ingestion,) strains of cannabis a being designed to help certain individuals eat and nourish themselves.

-people with constant pain, aren’t feeling that pain anymore, strains are developed to feel no pain.

-or awareness of you really are. And you stop inflicting needless harm into society,
And are able to see past the propaganda, and the charade of servitude we were sold.

- People with Anxiety, and panic disorders, PTSD, Maniac’s, bipolar disorders, Schizophrenia, are able to live a healthy life. DO I need to go on…?

On a more personal note, I smoke….And since the inception of my freedom (from an ethanol based substance Alcohol…. And if by all intensive purpose you think I trade one for the other…..your wrong…..I stopped drinking, and developed Anxiety and panic lived with it for quite sometime…and only after exhausting western medication did I pick up the herb.) I’ve learned more, felt more, and was able to finally understand the bases of humanity, and why Legalization is the key, to our survival as human beings. When consumed my awareness of myself, humanity and the mind controlled establishment changed. Learning those new lessons, new paradigms have become clear. I no longer crave animal flesh, red meat, processed foods; anything unnatural does not pass my lips. My behavior in my daily life has dramatically shifted from Me, Me, Me, to helping my fellow man. I’m dreadfully afraid of anything chemically based, foods, drugs, and synthetics. Chemical based drugs have a very destructive quality in my body; I’ve taken Tylenol3 for back pain once, and only once. The rage I felt emanate throughout my body was a synthetic one; it didn’t belong to me, it was made from the Tylenol3. I’m not a violent person, but after taking those PILLS needless to say I had to buy myself new dishes.

My amazing wife Margaret Brennan: Reuters reader comment of the day

Reuters reader comment on the story “Fighting strains Ukraine ceasefire, Putin urges dialogue.”

"absolutely! pretty amazing and interesting to read,really important issue to discuss at the moment among the people of US,among the people of international community.i discussed many times this issue with my absolute amazing "beauty queen wife" Margaret Brennan CBS news.she is expert in foreign policy and also working with state department so we know very well. here is my amazing wife Margaret video : :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGlvWS1f69s as i and my amazing wife Margaret already discussed and mentioned we appreciated Russian peaceful step that withdraw troops from borders and suggested peaceful way to find out peaceful diplomatic solution as in my amazing wife Margaret expert in it.but we saw Russia deploy troops again as per US,again mistake. >Russia must stop support pro-Russian separatists with arms and finds,and also urge to separatists for disarm and join negotiation table for peace talk to find out peaceful solution as international community want. but as per NATO report now again Russia doing same mistake or try to destabilize region to support pro-Russian separatists and build up forces in borders area,we already mentioned that Putin intention and ambition to rebuild soviet union again and he already accepted that he invade in Crimea against EU expansion in eastern Europe,but world leaders & international community as well as i and my amazing wife Margaret condemned Russian aggression over Ukraine and demanded for tough economic sanctions against Russia. while reality is Russian economy is not good probably in recession,stock&bond market lose value,currencies also lose their value against dollar,inflation rising and control inflation central banks hike interest rate twice,foreign investment pull back nearly $60 bn due to crisis,invade cost nearly $50 bn ,people lost confidence in Russian economy,so Putin doing mistake,but i and my amazing wife Margaret hope for peaceful solution and Putin will stick with his commitment and focus on economy."

Those manipulating gays: Reuters article comment of the day

Reader comment on the story “China sends four oil rigs to South China Sea amid regional tensions.”

"reuters media is like of gays the way it present manipulated information , dont think easy on china as you think if no ask those most developed nation they gonna tell you"

I make friends: Reuters article comment of the day

"Well, I guess my comment did not agree with the Reuters stand on this issue so it was not published.
So, to the moderator and Reuters: FUCK YOU”



This week’s #TwinPeaksTuesday brings you rare Fire Walk With Me photos from TWIN PEAKS: THE ENTIRE MYSTERY


Harry Dean Stanton, David Lynch, and Kyle MacLachlan filming at the Fat Trout Trailer park.


David Lynch and Al Strobel in front of Mo’s Motor.


David Lynch and Michael Ontkean discussing the filming of a Deleted Scene at the Twin Peaks Sheriffs Department.


David Lynch, Al Strobel, and Michael Anderson discussing the filming of the Red Room scene.

Gayism and the Pop(e): Reuters article comment of the day

Reuters reader comment on a story about the pope’s upcoming trip to Albania:

"pop he himself a gay because he support gayism of europe even reuters media of gays of europe and america"

The Sweet Sweet Nectar of the Tea Party: Reuters article comment of the day

Reuters reader comment on our Eric Cantor story…

"I wish I could take all these hopes and dreams for an ultimate Tea Party takeover and bake them into a cake. I’d save it for election night, then eat it and wash it down with the sweet, sweet nectar of their tears as they realize that fascism, and the Christian Sharia Law they want along with it, will never rule in America."

Sleeping with bears: Reuters article comment of the day

Excerpt of a comment on a story about Putin, Russia and Europe, though it could have come from a story about the perils of life for new arrivals to Chelsea and the West Village:

"Even Europe now understands the perils of sleeping with an unprincipaled, uncivilized bear.”

(NSFW) Reuters comment of the year? President Super Fat Xi

Reuters reader comment on the story: China’s Xi says committed to peacefully resolving territorial disputes.

President Fatty Xi : I want Vietnam Sea. All of you Fxxk Off and mind your own business. Its mine to take, the rest shut up.

President Fatter Xi : I want Philippine Sea. All of your Fxxk Off if you alliance to go against me. I will not buy your banana, your rice, your honey, your wood, your oil. And i will stop sending my rude, no manners, dirty, loud, rich, ugly, servant to visit your country. I will only send all my beautiful chics to screw your man wallet.

President Super Fat Xi : I want Senkaku Island. All of you Fxxk Off. Its mine. I will burn your factory in my country, i will kill off all the job my country man who are working in those factory. I will stop buying sushi from you. I will download all the porn for free. I will influence all my slave to go against you.

I will send all my slaves for sacrifice to get what i want, lives is worthless. You dare to challenge me? No chinese dare to challenge what i want, they are all my slave and at my dispose. Super Fat Xi said.

Most of all , i am rising peacefully.
Also claiming all i want peacefully.
I will take all your puny country one by one.
Don’t you gang up against me. I am the almighty.

Dear Felix Salmon: please help me get my girl back

Felix Salmon might have left Reuters, but the commenters at Reuters.com continue to petition him for help. Here is what showed up today on his blog:

"Hi everyone i’m Collins and i need help on getting back my ex. We got into a fight few weeks back now and i wish she can see how sorry i am now. I love her so much and i know she still loves me and i know she still cares, otherwise she wont be replying my text and knowing how i’m doing. But right now it seems like she is still confuse of her decision to breakup with me or give me a second chance. I need help not until i saw post of how Dr. Wicca has help a lot of people having issues like mine, though i have been hearing a lot about this spell caster and I hope that it he would be able to do something about bringing Lily back home cause i’m nobody without her.

"I ask if he can help me bring back my Lily too? I can tell you that his spell was outstanding and i’m so happy that he really help me put our past behind us and we are strong together now and thanks to Dr. Wicca because he is a true spell caster and i will recommend him to anyone having same problem too.
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